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Pengwang PW019 Tensile Tester Quality Testing Tool

Voltage:230V Frequency: 50Hz Jaw spacing: 5–300mm Tensile load:max 2000N Range: max 100mm Size (L × W × H): 700 × 220 × 120 mm Net weight: 12kg

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  • PW019 tensile tester is a new type of tensile testing equipment developed by our factory, simple operation, lightweight and portable. It is for peeling, shearing and tensile tests of geomembrane, geotextiles and films


    1. It is forbidden to disassemble the rally machine without permission. If necessary, please confirm that the machine has been turned off and unplugged before the ripcord is disassembled, so as to avoid being charged by the naked power lines or components inside.

    2. The voltage rating stated on the tool must correspond with the line/mains voltage AC220V.

    3. In order to ensure the safety of users and reliable operation of equipment, power supply and leakage protector must be installed on the construction site.

    4. Ensure that the protective earth connection is good.

    5. Protect the tool from damp and wet.

    6. Do not touch drive shaft and sliding carriage during operation.

    7. Do not operate the sliding carriage when a welding sample is fastened in.

    8. Please take it lightly, any collision may result in inaccurate measurements or damage.

    9. The machine may only be used by qualified specialists or under their supervision. Children are not authorized to use this machine.





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