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Pengwang PW016 Vacuum Detector Quality Testing Tools

Voltage:230V Frequency:50/60HZ Input power:≤150W Max.air volume:≤30L/min Max. vacuum:-84Kpa Noise:≤48dB(A) Temperature for using:5-40°C Isullation:B class Dielectric strength:1500V/50HZ 1min no breakdown Thermo protector: Anto reset 130±5°C Testing size:700cm2 Weight:15/8.5kg Shape:Hemispherical

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  • Welding Testing Tool of Plastic Bottle Pressure Testing Equipment for sale


    PW016 Vacuum Leak Tester, an auxiliary testing device for plastic construction, is one of the main products of Shanghai Pengwang Machinery Co., Ltd. It is mainly used to test the welding quality, welding effect and accurate positioning of leaking points on the parts where inflation testing cannot work or welding rods have been applied to repair shortage and leakage at planar construction sites.


    Woring Principle:

    1.Once starting the vacuum pump, put the hemispherical transparent cover the to-be-tested plastic, withdraw the air from the cover and switch off the pump.

    2.In a while, if the pointer of the vacuum meter is satisfactory then.

    3. Or coat the to-be-tested part with soap water, place the hemisphirical cover on it and then observe the bubbles of soap water. If any bubble shows up at the welding point, it means that there is a leak at that point.


    Product Features:

    1.Workable for testing welding points that have been repaired with welding rods.

    2.Fast to vacuumize;

    3.High vacuum degree;

    4.Low noise;

    5.Light and portable for handling;

    6.Safe and reliable;

    7.Easy to detect small leakage




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