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Pengwang PW802 Hot Air Blower Hot Air Welding Gun

Pengwang Hot Air Welding Gun mainly weld PP/PE/PVC hot melt pipes, flange, plastic sheets, water tanks, water tower, plating tanks and repair pipes. hot melted membrane such as tarpaulin, geosynthics, waterproofing sheets, waterproofing membrane, banner. seam PVC plastic rubber floor such as floor in hospital, sports floor, and anti-dust floor and so on.

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  • Pengwang 110V/220V Hot Air Blower, Hot Air Welding Gun Kit with Temperature Control


    PW802 Series hot air welding gun is kind of automation plastic welder which is independent research and development by Shanghai Pengwang Machinery Co., Ltd. It adopts double insulated, constant temperature system make you safely to adjust and control the temp; suitable for welding hot melt plastic materials such as PE,PVC,HDPE,EVA,PP,TPO. PW802 is extensively used in other works like hot forming, heat shrinking, drying and igniting.



    a. Default conbination accessories: Heating element, Φ8mm tubular nozzle/ 20mm/ 40mm wide slot welding nozzle, 40mm silica gel pressure roller, Brush, Paper packing box.

    b. Optional combination accssories: Speed triangle/ round nozzle, Spot welding nozzle, Plastic suitcase, other welding accessories.

    c. Any else customized demands, you can ask us directly, we have a professional technicians team. 



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    Difference between PW801 and PW802: 

    1. PW801 is very good-- Digital display of temperature, adjustable motor speed, automatic cooling and delay shutdown

    2. The hot air blower is more common in overseas-- Applicable for welding of floor glue, plate welding, waterproof coiled material, and geomembrane welding

    PW801 digital hot air blower


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