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Pengwang Welder deisigns and manufactures geomembrane welder, and lead the technology of it in the wide world!

Pengwang Machinery is based in Wenzhou city, with branch office in Shanghai, China. Covering 100+ countries all around the world. Portfolio includes waterproofing geomembrane welder, waterproofing sheet welder, banner/tarpaulin welder, plastic extrusion welder, hot air blower, plastic sheet butt fusion welding machine and sheet bending machine. 


The manufacture of products from thermoplastic plastics places the highest demands on humans and machine technology. Apart from functional and often safety-relevant quality criteria such as strength, impermeability and longevity of the products, efficiency and profitability also play an important role.


We have set ourselves the task of not only mastering the technologies for plastic welding and bending but of continuously perfecting these for our customers. We develop, build and sell plastic welding equipment and machines with the highest process technology competence and in an unmatched quality – welding technical products that guarantee our customers decisive competitive advantages.

Pengwang PW101/PW102 Geomembrane Welder


Pengwang PW101/PW102 have ''standard'' and ''digital display'', it breaks traditional 400℃, max.600℃ adjustment temperature. The 0.2-1.5mm material can be your opition.

Pengwang PW900 Geomembrane Welder


Pengwang PW201, applicable for the thick material from 1mm to 3mm. Its seal is very good for exceeding 2mm material, we already manufactured the most advanced & stable welder for overseas market.

Pengwang PW202 Geomembrane Welder▼


Pengwang PW202 has patented technology on geomembrane welder which can applicable for 1-3mm material. Also It's only 9kg light weight, and the max. temperature can be adjusted to 800℃. Normally it fully can compete with Lesiter. Pengwang technology on geomembrane welder is leading the international market.

Pengwang PWGM2--PW602A Metabo Extrusion Welder▼


Pengwang extruder exported to Russian, American, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and other markets. Cause our welder can pass the CE testing. Pengwang provides high quality geomembrane welder/extruder/hot air blower for whole world!

Pengwang PW801-802 Hot air blower▼


Vision of Pengwang Welder

Pengwang Provides High Quality and Customized welder to Save Your Money from your Market!

Pengwang welcome any OEM customization on the welder and provide high quality standard extruder/hot air blower, but the cost only need 1/6-1/7 of the European brand welders. That makes you be more aggresive in the project tenders. So, you only need 1/10 working period compare with the European welder.

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